This page lists sources for things mentioned in Sonia's columns.
It will be updated for the 2010 growing season shortly.

If you are a grower, seed specialist or garden centre stocking plants featured in Sonia's columns, please let her know with a brief Email. DO NOT SEND PHOTOS of plants or any other huge files. They will not be opened.

Hakonechloa (Oct 3)

On sale at Plant World, Sheridan's, Humber Nurseries and other good garden centres.

Peppers (Oct. 1)

Buy started pepper plants at garden centres in May.

Pumpkins (Sept. 26)

The giant Pumpkinfest at Port Elgin on Lake Huron runs Oct. 3 and 4, 2009. For info: 1-800-387-3456

Tea tree (Sept. 24)

Richters Herbs in Uxbridge, see earlier listings for contacts

Autumn crocus colchicum (Sept. 19)

Order them early in the summer from GardenImport in Thornhill. See earlier listings for contacts.

Wisley Magic runner beans (Sept. 17)

Exclusive product of Thompson and Morgan Seeds. You cannot buy them from anybody else.


Whippersnapper cherry tomato (Sept. 10)

Terra Edibles, Foxboro, Ontario 613-961-0654
This is the only source I've found in Canada. If you know of others, let me know.

Garlic (Sept. 5)

Stratford Garlic Festival, Sat. Sept. 12, 09, from 9 am to 4 pm. Stratford Fairgrounds, Ontario. Admission $5. Go early if you want to buy seed garlic. It tends to sell out quickly.

Lime Balm (Sept. 3)

Plants only. May not be available till next year. Richter's Herbs, Uxbridge. See earlier listings for contacts.

Zucchini (Aug. 20)

Summer Ball F1 Hybrid (container zucchini shaped like a mini-pumpkin) and Black Forest F1 Hybrid (which is a climber) are both available from Thompson & Morgan Seeds.
1-800-274 7333 or

Blue Box Potatoes (Aug 27)

Seed potatoes are sold at some garden centres in spring. One source I recommend for many different varieties is Eagle Creek Seed Potatoes, Box 70, Bowden, Alberta. 1-877-224-3939

Banana trees (Aug 29)

Good garden centres sell these in spring. Try Sheridans, Plant World, Humber Nurseries. Be sure to buy the tough Musa bajoo kind.

Fava beans (Aug. 13).

Stokes Seeds, St. Catharines. (see earlier entries for contacts.)
Dominion Seed House, Georgetown.

They must be planted very early in the year.

Crocosmia Lucifer (Aug. 15)

GardenImport, Thornhill, will take orders for 2010.
Wild Things Plant Farm, Mount Forest.
(See earlier entries for contacts).

Some garden centres also sell the corms every spring.

Joey plant (Aug. 8)

Seeds only: La Vie en Rose (Canadian seed supplier. on line orders only)

Seeds are slow to germinate.

If you know of a garden centre selling this plant, let me know.

Cudmore's Garden Centre, Lakeshore Road, Oakville sold started plants this year, and will do so again in 2010.

Broadleaf thyme (Aug 6)

Richters sells both started plants and seeds. They may be sold out this year. See below for contact info.

Clematis fargesioides (Aug 1)

These garden centres stock it but may be sold out for 09.

Mason Hogue Gardens, near Uxbridge (see July 4 entry)
Plant World, Etobicoke, Toronto
Sheridan Nurseries

Loblaws garden centres

Mesclun Mix (July 30)

Best grown from seed.

Dominion Seed House, Georgetown 1-800-282-5746
McKenzie Seeds, Brandon, Manitoba.
Stokes Seeds, St. Catharines. 1-800-396-9238

Roma Masterwort (July 25)

Loblaws garden centres

Lovage - the Maggi plant (July 23)

Richter's Herbs in Uxbridge sells started plants and seeds. 1-800-668-4372.
Seeds: Cottage Gardener, Newtonville. See entry below.

Perennial foxgloves D. lutea (July 18)

Seeds: The Cottage Gardener, Newtonville, Ontario. 905-786-2388. Some garden centres sell started plants.

Mennonite healing onion (July 16)

Cedar Spring Flowers, 1547 Cedar Spring Rd., Elmira. Sold out this year, but will take orders for 2010. Call Mrs. Irene Bubacher: 519-669-4529.

Wildflower seed cards (July 11).

Sold in gardening and decor stores. For locations:

Pot of Gold container chard (July 9)

Seeds. Available only from California-based

Persicaria polymorpha (July 4).

Sold out everywhere this year! (09). But these five independent Ontario nurseries are willing to take orders for spring, 2010. I recommend them all:

Beach Road Blooms, 1728 Muskoka Beach Road, Gravenhurst.(705) 645-7956

Lost Horizons, near Acton. 519-853-3085.

Mason Hogue Gardens, Claremont (near Uxbridge). 905-649-3859

LittleTree Horticultural, corner Hwy 6 and Sideroad 18, Fergus. 519-843-5394

Wild Things, Mount Forest. (See listing for April 9).

Garlic scapes (July 2)

Plant garlic in fall only. Locally-raised bulbs, not the supermarket kind, are best. I highly recommend the annual Stratford (Ontario) Garlic Festival, Stratford Fairgrounds, Sept. 12, 09. Local farmers will have many different varieties on sale.

Epazote (June 25)

Seeds: Richters Herbs. Easy to grow, but plant probably won't last over the winter.

Bunches of fresh epazote are sold periodically at Perola's, Augusta St., Kensington Market, Toronto. Also El Rincon Latina next door.

Mexican chef Kathy Waugh recommends using some of the fresh leaves, then freezing the rest for later use.

Lantana (June 18)

Garden centres which have a good selection of annual plants are the best bets.

Euphorbia polychroma (June 13)

Humber Nurseries, Brampton.
Palliser Farm Organics - strawberry farm on #62, 5 min. north of the 401 in the Quinte area (near Belleville and Foxboro). Contact or

Peonies (June 6)

La Pivoinerie D'Aoust, specialist peony nursery. Box 220, Hudson Heights, Quebec. (450) 458-2759.

Loblaws currently has some potted peonies on sale for $10 each.

Also (in fall). GardenImport, Thornhill.

Piss-off Plant (June 4)

Richter's Herbs, Uxbridge. Also Loblaws and Sheridans if they have any left.

Alliums (May 3)

Any garden centre. But I recommend the large bulbs sold by GardenImport, Thornhill.

Lesbos Basil (May 28)

Richter's Herbs, Uxbridge. Also (possibly) Loblaws garden centres

Black Krim tomato (May 23)

See listing for April 9 to find out where to buy started plants of these and other heirloom tomatoes.

New source: Vandermeer Nurseries, 588 Lakeridge Road, Ajax, Ontario, L1Z 1X3.
Phone #: 905-427-2525. Family business. Sells many heirloom tomatoes every spring. Also Vietnamese coriander.

I recommend that you do not grow them in containers. They are best planted in the ground, in as much sun as possible.

Vietnamese coriander (May 16)

The only place I know that sells this plant is Richter's Herbs in Uxbridge. They are a short drive up the 404 from Toronto. They do mail order.

You also may be able to find cut bunches of leaves (and possibly plants) at stores in Chinatown, Toronto.

Parrot tulips (May 14)

These bulbs usually go on sale in early September. Many garden centres stock them. I highly recommend the offerings at Thornhill-based GardenImport. You have to order them by mail and they're a bit more expensive than garden centres - but always good quality. 1-800-339-8314.

Hellebores (May 9)

Many garden centres sell this perennial. Plant it now but don't expect to see a good crop of flowers for a couple of years. I saw some good varieties recently at Humber Nurseries in Brampton and also Sheridan's on Burnhamthorpe in Etobicoke.

Malabar Spinach (Thurs May 7.)

  • Started plants: Toronto Botanical Garden plant sale, Thurs-Sat, May 6,7,8,9.
    10 am to 5 pm. Admission free.

Garden centres like Sheridan's may be stocking this plant.

It is easy to grow from seed.

  • The Cottage Gardener, Newtonville, Ont.
  • Thompson & Morgan. 1-800-274-7333

Pasque Flower (Sat. May 2)

  • At Ontario Rock Garden Society's annual plant sale.
    Toronto Botanical Garden. Sun. May 3, noon to 5 pm.
  • Also at good garden centres.

Michele Obama and veggies. (Sat. April 25).

  • Tom Thumb lettuce. McFayden Seeds, Brandon, MB.

  • Bright Lights swiss chard: Stokes Seeds, St. Catharines, and others. A common vegetable now.

  • Rhubarb stemmed beets. Stokes Seeds, many others.

  • Runner bean Wisley Magic. Only available from Thompson & Morgan.
    But well worth buying!

Mojito Mint (Thurs. April 30)

Started plants only: Richters Herbs, Goodwood, Uxbridge. 1-800-668 -4372.

They have many fascinating mints.

Seed Potatoes (April 16)

Eagle Creek, Box 70, Bowden, Alberta TOM 1KO. 1-877-224-3939.

Highly recommended. Good quality and selection.

McFayden Seeds, Brandon Manitoba, 1-800-205-7111

Heirloom Tomatoes. (April 9).

Started plants:

Garden Gallery, Oakville. Some kinds, details not available.

Humber Nurseries, Brampton. Some kinds.

Sheridan Nurseries: Brandywine, Old German, San Marzano, Valencia, Black Krim, Striped German and Basketvee.

Wild Things Plant Farm, Mount Forest. 1-877-538-3228
Highly recommended. Dozens of varieties. Take a drive up from Toronto!

Heirloom tomato seeds:

The Cottage Gardener, Newtonville, Ont.

Salt Spring Seeds. B.C. No orders by phone

McFayden, Brandon, MB I recommend their heirloom rainbow mixture in one packet. Also Black Krim.

Renee's Garden, Felton, C.A. 1-888-880-7228
Pretty seed packets, good instructions and seeds always grow because Rene personally tests them all.
Particularly recommended: her Black Krim, Persimmon and Costoluto combo in one packet.

Note: It is too late to start heirloom tomato seeds after the beginning of April in Canada.

Gladiolus Callianthus (April 4)

GardenImport sold out. You may be able to find it at good garden centres.

Cherry tomatoes (April 2)

Started plants at most garden centres. Pick quick-maturing types if you are using containers. I recommend Sweet Million, Sweet Gold and and Juliet.


Stokes. St. Catharines, Ont. 1-800-396-9238
Many kinds. Highly recommended. Try their hybrid cherries if you are growing tomatoes for the first time.

William Dam Seeds, Flamborough, Ont. 905-628-6641

Thompson and Morgan: The only place now selling seeds of Juliet.

Note: it is too late to start cherry tomatoes from seed this year.

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