The Mexico Lunch Party. A Sisters of the Soil novel. With recipes

Sonia’s second novel. Published March, 2022, by Olympia, London. Four older women — all passionate gardeners – from Great Britain, the U.S., Canada and Colombia, meet up in Mexico for fun times and good food.  Their plan is to prepare a spectacular lunch together, with each woman contributing an unusual dish. 

But things take a crazy turn when a strange, unwelcome guest shows up at the party. The consequences are a shock to them all.

Available from Amazon, Book Depository or Independent Bookstores as a paperback or E-book. Price: in the UK: 9.99 pounds. Elsewhere, price unfortunately differs, depending upon which country you’re in.

Deer Eyes

Deer Eyes is Sonia’s first novel. Published May, 2014. City meets country in this suspenseful tale about a deer hunter and a botanical artist from New York. Mystery, romance, adventure and a horticultural twist all figure in the plot.

Winner of a 2015 Silver Medal at the Independent Publisher Book Awards in New York.

Available on Amazon as a paperback for $17 (or less) and an E-book for $7 (or less).

Also at some bookstores. Check with Sonia for locations.

The Untamed Garden

A revealing look at our love affair with plants. Beautifully designed and illustrated. Gold Winner from the U.S. based Garden Writers’ Association, 2012. Now available in paperback with a pretty new cover.
Published by McClelland & Stewart.
Available on Amazon.

Incredible Edibles: 43 Fun Things to Grow in the City

Praised as “a clever take on the vegetable gardening craze” by the Washington Post. Won Silver at the Canadian Cookbook Awards.

Highlights: lovely colour pictures by Barrie Murdock on every page. Easy to read advice about veggies, verbs and fruit that you can grow in the city. Also exciting recipes. Everything from Mojito mint to container-friendly tomatoes. All personally tested by Sonia herself.

Firefly Books. Published April, 2010
$14.95 in both Canada and the U.S. Paperback.
Available on Amazon.

Middle-Aged Spread, Moving to the Country at 50

A humorous memoir published by Key Porter Books. A true story. Sonia buys, on impulse, a ramshackle homestead in the country–and discovers a brand new life plus a host of quirky characters.

Some reader comments about Middle-Aged Spread:

“Entertaining and well written…like Peter Mayle’s blockbuster, a Year in Provence.” — Peggy McKenzie, Toronto Star

“Deirdre the hoity hort and Elinor the eco-evangelist are hilariously funny and pointedly accurate.” —Jodi de Long, Halifax Herald.

I absolutely loved this book, and was a little sad when it was over. Great read. Very funny, and Sonia has a great sense of humor. I highly recommend this book! If you’ve ever romantically though about giving it all up, and moving to the country, you have to read this book first!” — Peter Somerville

Having recently fallen in love with an older home in the country.. I lived through every episode of this adventure. The author delightfully captures the essence of acquiring an older home, the heart-warming differences between the city and the country, the joy of taking a risk in life when “others” say this is the time to play it safe and the captivating journey of meeting neighbours in the country who challenge your values and extend an open invitation to open your mind to other values and expectations. A fun read to unwind at the end of a day — Sharon Clements

Previous books, all published by Key Porter:

The Urban Gardener: How to grow things successfully on balconies, terraces, decks and rooftops.

The Urban Gardener Indoors: How to grow things successfully in your house, apartment or condo.

The Complete Urban Gardener: How to grow things successfully indoors and out. Combines both the above books. On sale only at Chapters/Indigo for the bargain price of $15.

The Plant Doctor: A practical guide to having a healthy garden

Tulips: Facts and folklore about the world’s most planted flower.