Here I am with Roxanne Beale (right), owner of Roxanne’s Reflections Bookstore  in Fergus, Ontario one recent evening. I read from my eighth book – a novel called Deer Eyes – then talked about what inspired me to write it.

The place was packed. Over 30 people bought a copy of the book. So who says independent book stores are dead?

The novel is also available on Amazon, as a paperback for $17 (or less) or an E-book for $7 (or less)

But I’d be happy to support other independent book stores who want me to come along and do a reading — on a weekend or an evening.

Dudley the Deer, made by my spouse, Barrie Murdock, from recycled wood on our property, is the book’s official “mascot.” He rides along in the pickup to my speaking engagements.

Send me an email suggesting a date!

You can read the Prologue and first chapter absolutely free by clicking on this DEER EYES EXCERPT.

Does it whet your appetite for more?  I hope so.

I think of my novel as “unpretentious summer read with a good plot” which will appeal to both women and men.

These three people won a free paperback copy of Deer Eyes, mailed to their homes, in my recent website draw:

David Hobson, Waterloo, Ontario; Sandra Merriman, Somerset, U.K.; Sharleen Pratt, Peterboroug.


“I couldn’t put it down. Absolutely loved it.”
- Lis Eyles-Foley. Mississauga, Ontario

“What a smasheroo of an ending! Positively Shakespearean.”
- Julie Henderson, New York City

“When a book grabs you right from the first line and you keep reading…. that’s a very good sign. Read this book.” — K.J. Lieber, Montreal

I’m now, belatedly, on Facebook. Check for updates about my books and activities at

A new version of my award-winning  book The Untamed Garden: A  Revealing Look At Our Love Affair With Plants is on sale.

The paperback edition sports a lusty brand new cover and would make a neat gift for anyone interested in the sexy world of plants.

It costs only $14.40 if you order it through Amazon. Here is the link>>

It’s also available for less than $20 through any independent bookstore.  Please support them if you can.

This book won the top Gold Award at the Garden Writers’ Association  annual convention. It beat out competition from books all over the  U.S. and Canada and has received rave reviews. More about the book  below.

Read more in these two news stories, published in the Toronto Star:

You never know where a book will take you. Heather Killan of Limehouse, Ontario, bought my memoir Middle-Aged Spread, Moving To the Country At 50 a few years ago and loved a recipe in the book that I devised myself. It’s called Ravishing Redcurrant Cake. She took the book with her during a visit to her daughter’s villa in Cavan, Provence, left it there– and subsequently, many other visitors (and locals) have read the book and fallen in love with the recipe too.

Now, it seems my humble cake has become a popular item in Cavan, which perhaps isn’t that surprising. The French are fond of redcurrants, and this concoction of mine is a great way to use up a bumper crop.

The cake is not too sweet, it’s loaded with redcurrants and also contains a bit of grated orange peel. And the recipe?  Sorry, folks, you’ll have to read Middle-Aged Spread to find out. It’s unfortunately out of print due to the bankruptcy of Key Porter Books, but you should be able to find a copy in your local library. And I’m thinking of updating this memoir and republishing it in 2014 as an E-book. Let me know if you’re interested.

WATCH ME reading some sexy stuff beside the tallest, most suggestive flower in the world. This flower, called the Amorphophallus Titanum, bloomed for the first time in Canada during May 2012 at Niagara Parks Floral Showhouse. And it caused a huge sensation. The botanical biggie also plays a starring role in my sexy new book, The Untamed Garden, A Revealing Look At Our Love Affair With Plants. So videographer Mark Disero and I hopped down to Niagara to witness its performance.

Sonia’s story about the Titan Arum appeared Friday April 27 in the Star. Here’s the link:–world-s-tallest-plant-ready-to-bloom-in-niagara-the-real-dirt

My seventh book, The Untamed Garden – A Revealing Look at Our Love Affair With Plants –contains delicious tidbits that may surprise you. I reveal some of its lusty secrets in this gorgeously illustrated little volume, which was deemed so original, informative and entertaining, it won the top Gold award from the Garden Writers’ Association in late 2012.

Why do people like it? Well — whoo hoo — you can read about:

  • A luscious-looking rose whose name scandalized the Victorians.
  • A suggestive plant that caused a Spanish queen to faint at court.
  • The real forbidden fruit which caused the downfall of Adam and Eve.
  • The amazing Coco De Mer, which resembles the pelvis of a naked woman.
  • The reason why men fall in love with orchids.
  • The night-blooming flower with a scent that turns men on.
  • Love potions and lots more.

My colourful little book on growing food in the city (which won Silver at the Canadian Cookbook Awards in late 2011) is now on sale in Turkey under the name Sehirdeki Bahce. The largest and oldest publisher in Turkey, called Inkilap,  bought rights to the book from Firefly, the North American publisher. There are apparently legions of rooftop gardeners in Turkey’s sophisticated capital city, Istanbul, so here’s hoping for big sales!

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