Sonia Day is a well-known writer, painter and plant buff.

Her books and opinionated gardening columns in the Toronto Star, Canada’s largest newspaper, have gained her a wide audience of fans (and a few hate emails).  She has written seven books, is a well-known speaker at events like Canada Blooms and has won several awards. Her latest are: Best Book of the Year from the U.S-based Garden Writers’ Association, for The Untamed Garden; and Silver at the Canadian Cookbook Awards in November, 2011, for Incredible Edibles.

Her large acrylic paintings are in the City of Toronto’s permanent art collection. She has sold hundreds of her small watercolours to private buyers and a few to corporate customers like the Royal Bank. She intends getting back to painting some day.

Sonia lives on 48 acres in rural Ontario with her partner, three cats and a funny-looking pooch called Ollie. She maintains a huge garden there and considers growing big fat globe artichokes to be her greatest gardening achievement. Her homegrown garlic is also in high demand (and gets her invited to a lot of dinner parties.)

Her current fave flowers? All Ps –Poppies, Peonies and a wildly colourful Petunia called Pretty Much Picasso.

Pet loves: people who laugh a lot about gardening and life. Pet hates: eco-evangelists with no sense of humour.

Watch a short video of Sonia’s country garden at  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Jv7u-bN8N0

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