Sonia is a well-known writer, painter and plant buff. Although she’s primarily known for her gardening columns in the Toronto Star, she published her first novel in 2014 and recently took up painting again.

Her seven non-fiction books and opinionated gardening columns in the Toronto Star, Canada’s largest newspaper, have gained her a wide audience of fans (and a few hate emails). She is also well-known speaker at events like Canada Blooms and has won several writing awards. Her most recent: Silver Medal for fiction from the Independent Publisher Book Awards, 2015 for Deer Eyes, Best Book of the Year from the U.S-based Garden Writers’ Association, for The Untamed Garden; and Silver at the Canadian Cookbook Awards in November, 2011, for Incredible Edibles.

She did the watercolour on the cover of Deer Eyes and also paints in acrylics. Her large works are in the City of Toronto’s permanent art collection and she has sold hundreds of small watercolours to private buyers and corporate customers like the Royal Bank.

In winter, 2015, she started a series of mixed media paintings of chip wagons and food trucks (simply because she likes how they look!) and landed a solo exhibition of these works at the Cambridge Centre for the Arts in 2016. (See News and Paintings page).

Sonia currently lives on 48 acres in rural Ontario with her partner, a black cat and a funny-looking pooch called Ollie. She maintains a huge garden there but is thinking of downsizing to somewhere smaller (and more manageable!) soon.

She considers growing big fat globe artichokes in Canada’s difficult climate to be her greatest gardening achievement. Her homegrown garlic is also in high demand!

Her fave flowers all begin with a P. Poppies, Peonies (she has a huge collection) and a wildly colourful Petunia called Pretty Much Picasso.

Pet loves: people who laugh a lot and love life’s adventures. Pet hates: eco-evangelists with no sense of humour.

Watch a short video of Sonia’s country garden at  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Jv7u-bN8N0