Waterloo Region Record | Sonia Day was determined to see “Deer Eyes’’ published

Waterloo Region Record
by Valerie Hill

BELWOOD — It seems every new creative endeavour Sonia Day puts her hand to she shows exceptional talent.

A painter with several works in the City of Toronto’s permanent art collection, a longtime gardening columnist with the Toronto Star and author of five books on gardening, plus two works of non-fiction, Day decided to give novel-writing a try.

When her first attempt was rejected by an agent, in a fit of frustration she tossed the whole thing out.

Day, a feisty British expat with a lot of energy, is not easily dissuaded.

The idea for her next book, “Deer Eyes, ” had been percolating in her brain for years, though she finally put pen to paper a couple of years ago, then she dashed off to Mexico for a couple of months early in 2013 to finish it. [… read more]

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Garden of earthly delights | by Jodi DeLong
Spicy tales from the world of plants

Those of us who are happily besotted with plants know that we have what amounts to a love affair with them.

We nurture them, talk to them, get annoyed with them, and are enraptured when they bloom with the perfect flower or produce the most exquisite tomato. So it’s not too surprising to us that prolific gardening author Sonia Day would subtitle her new book The Untamed Garden: A Revealing Look at Our Love Affair With Plants.

Day begins this charming book of botanical tales with a story about her father’s love affair with a night-blooming cereus, an exotic and beautiful plant that flowers once a year for only a few short hours in a night. Tom Day’s plant bloomed for the first time when Sonia was about 19, and she remembers the details as clearly as when they happened many years ago. She writes in her introductory chapter, “Plants and flowers aren’t simply pretty things to look at. They also have the ability to arouse our senses. They can be incredibly exciting — and erotic.” […more]

Canadian Gardening says my new book is “enough to make a grown man blush”

Book review: The Untamed Garden
By Signe Langford
It’s time we had a little talk. You know, the one about the birds and the bees and well, oh gosh, this is awkward—all that sex going on in your garden! Award-winning gardening writer Sonia Day, gets down and quite dirty in this, her seventh book. We don’t want to give it all away—after all, this pretty little book deserves to find its way under many a tree this Christmas—but we will say this much; Day’s life long love affair with plants started when she was 19, witnessing her father’s passion for the elusive, seductive, night-blooming cereus flower. Fast forward to present day Toronto when a rather cheeky squash, endowed with sexy curves, re-ignites Day’s fascination with what goes on between two consenting flowers.
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