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Please note that Sonia is no longer accepting many invitations to speak at garden clubs, due to fatigue, an inability to drive at night and her renewed interest in painting.

She has her own digital equipment and offers a choice of six talks. The ones related to plants and gardening are illustrated with lots of pictures.

Her six current illustrated talks are:

  • Incredible Edibles (inspired by her 2010 book)
  • Middle-Aged Spread, (inspired by her 2009 humorous memoir, in which she acts out the roles of Deirdre the Hoity Hort and Elinor the Eco-evangelist.)
  • The Untamed Garden. Lots of spicy stuff about plants and people.
  • Perennials: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly. A personal view. Sonia reveals some truly easy plants that grow in her country garden.
  • Getting started writing a book – and sticking to it. Are you finding this hard? You’re not alone. Sonia offers her own practical tips and those of some famous writers.
  • Writing about sex. It’s not easy, as Sonia reveals in this hilarious talk. She includes some examples of winners of the Bad Sex Award, held every year by a literary magazine in the U. K.