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She has her own digital equipment and offers a choice of six talks. The ones related to plants and gardening are illustrated with lots of pictures.

Her six current illustrated talks are:

  • Incredible Edibles (inspired by her 2010 book)
  • Middle-Aged Spread, (inspired by her 2009 humorous memoir, in which she acts out the roles of Deirdre the Hoity Hort and Elinor the Eco-evangelist.)
  • The Untamed Garden. Lots of spicy stuff about plants and people.
  • Perennials: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly. A personal view. Sonia reveals some truly easy plants that grow in her country garden.
  • Getting started writing a book – and sticking to it. Are you finding this hard? You’re not alone. Sonia offers her own practical tips and those of some famous writers.
  • Writing about sex. It’s not easy, as Sonia reveals in this hilarious talk. She includes some examples of winners of the Bad Sex Award, held every year by a literary magazine in the U. K.