Sonia is taking a break this year from most speaking engagements for hort societies, due to fatigue.

Her calendar is likely to be open again starting in 2016, but please bear in mind that she lives near Fergus, Ontario – and can no longer undertake long, exhausting trips by car. By all means, send her an email about your upcoming event. but if it’s a long way from her home, she may not be able to come.

Keep checking the events calendar for more updates.

For copies of Deer Eyes and/or information about the novel, contact Sonia herself.

Contact Sonia directly for appearances at horticultural society meetings and similar events.

For review copies of her two latest books, contact:
The Untamed Garden — Ashley Dunn, Publicity Manager, McClelland & Stewart.

Incredible Edibles –Valerie Hatton, Publicity Manager, Firefly Books.