OTTAWA CITIZEN | By Ailsa Francis

If you’re tired of picking up a bouquet of predictable red roses for your significant other on Valentine’s Day, then read on. Award-winning Canadian garden writer Sonia Day has eye-opening and provocative options for you in her newest booked, The Untamed Garden: A Revealing Look at our Love Affair with Plants (McClelland and Stewart, 2011).

Who would have thought Day would be the writer to undertake such a racy volume? Perhaps it was her last book about growing veggies in the city (Incredible Edibles: 43 Fun Things to Grow in the City; Firefly, 2010) that whet her appetite for the passion brought out by plants? Could the stimulus have been her recipe for Hemingway’s mojito using fresh homegrown mint or maybe it was the stirrings that resulted when she suggestively says, “pop a juicy cherry tomato — still warm from the sun and picked off the vine — into your mouth, and you won’t ever want to settle for the supermarket kind again.”  Read more…

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