Toronto Star | December 2, 2011
by Mark Cullen, Special to the Star
Cullen: Grow your gardening book collection

Love and Sex
Might as well start with the newest and possibly the most controversial: The Untamed Garden, A Revealing Look at Our Love Affair with Plants. The table of contents provides you with all of the information that you really need to know when deciding whether or not this one is for you or a friend. This book is about love, sex and the garden.

Now I have always supported the notion that there is far more sex going on in the garden on a warm summer night than any novelist can conjure up. Bees, moths and other night insects visit flowers and exchange pollen for nectar on a massive scale while we snooze. We just choose not to think about all of this buzzing and vibrating for what it really is. The Star’s own Sonia Day has fixed that.

She takes us on a thematic journey that loosely follows the arch of a love affair. Chapters start with Innocence, through such stages as Flirtation, Seduction, Lust, Deception and Rapture. Read more…

Toronto Star | Mark Cullen thinks The Untamed Garden is one sexy read