My new novel is out at last!

Photo credit: Gordon Harris

You can order it from Amazon, Book Depository or (preferably) any independent bookstore.

The story centres around four older women — all passionate gardeners – from Great Britain, the U.S., Canada and Colombia, who meet up in Mexico for fun times and good food.  They plan to prepare a spectacular lunch together, with each woman contributing an unusual dish. 

But when the sex-mad younger sister of one of the group insists on tagging along, things start to go awry.  They get even crazier when a strange, unwelcome guest shows up at the party.

The consequences are a shock to them all.

It’s a lighthearted fun read which unfolds against the lush, colourful backdrop of Ajijic, a town near Guadalajara, that’s become a retirement haven for expats from many countries.  I’ve spent many weeks there myself- and love the place.

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